BB Video: Les Claypool of all things not Metallica

Derek Bledsoe, Boing Boing Video producer, is blogging daily Boing Boing Video episodes while Xeni's on the road in Africa.

Les Claypool is a man of many dimensions. Known for gathering an eclectic mix of talented musicians from around the world, Les has fronted a number of projects including the Frog Brigade, Colonel Claypool's bucket of Bernie Brains, Sausage, and Electric Apricot.

But, when Les visited the Boing Boing Video studio, we asked him about the band he didn't get to play for. In 1986, before Primus came into fame, Claypool auditioned for a heavy metal band called Metallica after their bassist Cliff Burton was killed in a tragic bus accident.

BB Video pal Matty Kirsch got the inside scoop on all things Les: past, present, and future. Since boingers seemed pretty jived about the interview we posted earlier in the week, we thought we'd give you a little more Les love.

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