Bill O'Reilly discovers Super Mario — Offworld

Over on Offworld, our Brandon's discovered paleo-reportage about the miraculous virtual worlds available to young people who avail themselves of the NES and Super Mario — anchored by an agog Bill O'Reilly who can only shake his head and marvel at kids today and the crazy stuff they get up to.


Bill O'Reilly and his Peabody Polk award winning crew at Inside Edition report on the emerging world of Nintendo, at a time when the Mario name meant Puzo more than plumber.

As a bonus, a look behind the scenes at Game Counselor HQ, and another teasing glance at that gold-covered 'Zelda Tips and Tactics' booklet that used to sing its (too expensive for a pre-teen) siren song to me from every. single. issue. of Nintendo Power.

Video: Bill O'Reilly gets wise to Super Mario

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