Iran Election Crisis: 10 Significant Web Videos

Over at Mashable, Ben Parr has compiled a post with 10 of the most-viewed, and most significant, "citizen videos" to have emerged from the ongoing turmoil in Iran. A snip from his postscript, appended to the post today:

As I built this post, I saw a progression of events through the video. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good one. It puts on display escalating violence, mayhem, and turmoil. Iran is a nation in chaos, and as we monitor the situation, we must realize that social tools provide us with unfettered access to the situation. Sometimes, that access can be disturbing. The flip side though is that we can truly know what's going on in Iran.

Video above: Militia firing into crowds of protesters yesterday in Tehran.

Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos (Mashable, via Raymond Leon Roker)