Clear, aka the "TSA fast pass," shuts down

Clear, Steve Brill's second baby turkey (the first being "Brill's Content") flops:


[Clear] rolled out with great fanfare July 18, 2005, in Orlando. Travelers initially paid $99 a year for a card that was supposed to target those who posed a minimum security risk, and give them a special line that would process them through airport security more quickly.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was slow to release the program from the pilot phase, finally giving the green light to roll out the program in January 2007. The program hit a snag after TSA halted the use of GE SRT kiosks designed to serve as a shoe scanner and explosives detection system, blunting one of the program's key benefits – allowing passengers to keep on shoes and jackets, and keep laptop computers in their bags.

If you were foolish enough to sign up for the service, or receive it for free as a conference amenity or executive perk (I know some good folks who did), now might be a good time to review Clear's data privacy policy (PDF Link). Oh wait, that's right

Clear Shuts Down Registered Traveler Lanes (, via Dan Gillmor)

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