Fresh Green: Rappers Against Car Idling, Pedal-Powered Monorails and More

Photo Credit: Shweeb

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Rappers Say Get Outta Your Cars!
Anti-car-idling rappers flow about green issues in this quick street film.

Shark Attack Victims Head to Capitol Hill
"We've been finned…and it's not a good thing." A group of shark attack victims are sympathetic towards the ultimate predators, and head to DC to lobby Congress for tighter protections for sharks.

Wind-Powered Tank Uses No Fuel, Confuses Infidels
They had the right idea back in 1335 with this tank that looks like a windmill. Now that is something for Don Quixote to joust!

Get in a Tube and Pedal Across Town
A pedal-powered monorail idea makes you feel a little bit like you're in one of those air tubes at the bank that gets sucked up into the ceiling. But it could end up being the public transportation of the future.