Fresh Greens: Cars on shopping carts, 12-hour coffee and rat-eating plants

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Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Creative Ways to Steal German Cash for Clunker Cars
Cash for Clunkers in Germany is successful…too successful. German thieves have stolen over 50,000 of the clunkers turned in for cash, often putting them right back onto German roads!

How To Keep a Laptop Running for 10 Years
Trevor's Powerook Pismo turned 10 years old, and he dishes on how in the world he's managed to keep the ancient hunk of metal running efficiently…and fast enough that you don't want to throw it out the window every time you try to open a new program.

Getting Wired Without Electricity: The Hourglass Coffee Maker
There is no end to the caffeinated concoctions you can whip up with this cool hourglass coffee maker. It's not for your average cuppa joe – no, this is for a special kind of brew.

Awesome Inventions from the James Dyson Awards
Feast your eyes on these killer inventions submitted to the awards. It's prototypes galore.

Giant Rat-Eating Plant Discovered in the Philippines
Speaking of feasting…this incredible, newly discovered carnivorous plant is big enough to catch rats and other small animals in its pitcher of death. Fascinating in that wonderfully morbid, sci-fi way.