Fresh Greens: A surprising twist for an ex-Enron-er, building houses for under $3k, presto-change-o chocolates, and goats

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Ex-Enron-er Goes On The Road
Ex-Enron speech writer starts a cross-country tour with a surprisingly heated message about how the world is not hot.

Cob House Built For Less Than $3,000
And you thought there was no way out of the housing market crash… You can build your own charming house for next to nothing.

Vanishing Creatures Chocolates Feature Packaging with a Bonus Surprise
Waste not, want not. This zero waste packaging is an extra transformer treat to go with your sweet.

Goat Patrol Revisited: The Transportation Question Answered
The idea of using goats for landscaping maintenance always begs one question: What's the carbon footprint of getting them to your garden? Mystery solved