Your Commuter Bikes, Hoarders as Artists, Pestivals, and More!

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Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Cool and Crazy Commuter Bikes
We want to see your bad ass commuter bikes. Send us your photos of ultra sleek designs, hideous hacks, fabulous rebuilds, or whatever it is you use to pedal from place to place.

Hatchery Horrors: Readers React
Both TreeHugger and Boing Boing posted about the gag-inducing male chick massacre video. TreeHugger readers react and cover all angles of the debate. Who do you agree with?

Pestival: A Festival of Insects in Art
It's called " Pestival A Festival of Insects in Art" and if it sounds crazy, well that's because it is…but in a cool way.

Against the Odds, Eco-Cities Moving Forward
Sometimes the designs behind eco-cities are outlandish, but they're moving forward regardless.

American Apparel Bag-O-Scraps: Green, Gimmick or Both?
The Bag-O-Scraps is not a nuanced product: it's a bag of scraps of leftover fabric. Would you buy it?

Home Energy Monitors Reviewed: Which Device Works for You? (Video)
Have a gadget preference when it comes to monitoring energy use? Well, you might after watching this…

Carbon Neutral Cupcakes and US Open Eco-Art Installation at Brooklyn's Little Cupcake Bakeshop
Chocolate…lemon…carbon-neutral…How do you take your cupcake?

Toyota Prius Faces Ban Due to US Patent Suit
Paice has filed a patent infrigement case against Toyota (yet again) and should Paice win, it could spell the death of certain vehicle imports, possibly including the green icon Prius.

Hoarding As An Art Form: Song Dong's "Waste Not"
If you're in New York: Chinese artist Song Dong's "Waste Not," an installation at the Museum of Modern Art made up of most of the objects obsessively collected by the artist's mother over a half a century in her Beijing apartment.

Enlightened Mosques Switch to Energy-Saving Lights
Mosques around the globe are going green with energy efficient bulbs and nearly a million have been installed in Turkey alone!