Dictator Wars: social game where you get to be a despot

Dictator Wars is the latest game from GameLayers, the creators of the Nethernet (AKA Passively Multiplayer Online Game). Justin Hall sez,

In Dictator Wars you can arrest dissident bloggers, move the national treasury into your home, and subsidize the price of oil to create religious policemen. Players can ban threatening religions, develop domestic drug production, and ride around on aircraft carriers threatening larger nations.

Dictator Wars is a Facebook game merging social games with geopolitical extreme leadership. To be successful, you must collaborate with your co-tyrants in Foreign Affairs. And fighting other players means putting your winter and summer palace on the line. What kind of Dear Leader will you be?

Dictator Wars: Your Game of Supreme National Power

(Thanks, Justin!)

(Disclosure: I'm proud to serve on the GameLayers advisory board)