Core77's survival guide for designers

Core77 Hack2Work

Allan Chochinov of Core77 let me know about this fun and useful online survival guide for designers called HACK2WORK: Essential Tips for the Design Professional.

Filled with hundreds of tips, tricks, lifehacks and advice for practicing designers, the feature covers everything from office supplies to office snacks, from essential books to essential software, and from intellectual property and design research to conferences, working with the press, and creative hiring.

Here's a partial list of some of the items you'll find:

+ How to Make Your Client's Logo Bigger Without Making Their Logo Bigger, by Michael Bierut

+ Why Does the Firm Own Everything I Do? Intellectual Property & You, by Katy Frankel

+ How to Get Invited to Speak at a Design Conference, by Alissa Walker

+ Check Please: How to Learn About Your Clients From Their Table Manners, by Liz Danzico

+ On Being T-Shaped, by Tim Brown

+ 19 Books Every Design Professional Should Own, by Andy Polaine

+ The Definitive DIY Guide for Professional Designers, by Christy Canida

+ Core77's Guide to Unconventional Office Plants, by Lisa Smith

+ 5 Keys to Successful Design Research, by Steve Portigal

+ How to Pitch Me, by Linda Tischler

HACK2WORK: Essential Tips for the Design Professional