Nastygrams shut down site that created fonts of famous songwriters' handwriting

Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sans thought it would be cool to offer inspiring fonts based on the scrawl of some of their favorite recording artists like Bowie, Lennon, and Cobain, whose handwriting appears on the cool cover of his published journals (above). IP lawyers put the kibosh on their SongwritersFonts project real quick-like. Read the rest

Watch this interface designer change a bad website design into a good one

I enjoyed watching Steve Schoger make changes to a poorly designed website, explaining why he made the changes as he made them.



Read the rest

A chair that's also a library

Seoul-based designer Yang Si Young created the "Library Chair" in answer to a personal challenge: to design a piece of furniture that's also a library; with built-in shelving and a place to read. Read the rest

Ifixit flunks Apple's new educational Ipad as nearly un-repairable

Apple's education-centric new Ipad is meant to be used in rambunctious classrooms where drops and other abuse will be commonplace; it is also meant to compete with relatively easy-to-service Pixelbooks that school district IT departments can fix themselves or get repaired by a wide variety of independent, local service depots whose community-based technicians do repairs onsite and also keep local tax dollars circulating in the community. Read the rest

Typeface elegantly combines Braille and English characters

Braille Neue is a dual typeface designed by Kosuke Takahashi that overlays Braille and English into one simple font. For sighted people who do not currently know Braille, it's also a great mnemonic for learning Braille characters. Read the rest

Trailer for Elevation, a film on how drones will change cities

Dezeen interview leading architects and designers around the world for Elevation, a new documentary on how drones will change cities. Speculative architect Liam Young points out, "Now that drones are in the hands of every person in the street, they're potentially as disruptive as the internet." Read the rest

Greeting cards Silicon Valley geeks will surely appreciate

Designer Irina Blok lives in Silicon Valley and is the creator of Google's now-iconic green Android logo. A couple of years ago, she started producing Only in Silicon Valley, a line of on-point greeting cards for "geeks."

She writes that the cards are designed to "celebrate tech culture of Silicon Valley, without taking ourselves too seriously."

Take a look...

She's got lots more over at Zazzle. Cards are $2.96 each.

Previously: Modest Silicon Valley home breaks record for highest price paid per square foot Read the rest

Enjoy some of the most satisfying pop-up card designs ever

Peter Dahmen is a world-renowned pop-up book designer. In addition to books, he makes cards, sculptures and displays. Here he picked ten of his most satisfying. Read the rest

Intricate staircases made by secretive French woodworking masters

An art collector who died earlier this year donated a remarkable collection of escaliers to Cooper-Hewiit Museum. The tiny staircases were fashioned by French compagnons, a secretive trade group of master craftworkers. Read the rest

Gorgeous lamps made of repurposed corrugated cardboard

Indian design studio Sylvn Studio creates cardboard lamps that are as economical and eco-friendly as they are beautiful. Read the rest

These striking sculptures invoke floating cities on stilts

Spanish artist David Moreno draws, 3D renders, and even sculpts thin wire-like material into striking floating cities, sculptures that have an architectual feel. Read the rest

Behold these trippy optical illusion centerpieces

Valerio Sommella just won a 2018 design award from The German Design Council for these disorienting centerpiece plates he created for Il Coccio. Read the rest

These deliciously geometric pies are almost too pretty to eat

Lauren Ko of LOKOKITCHEN in Seattle bakes up pies and tarts that are so creative that fans might feel bad slicing into them. Read the rest

French graphic designer is upset Disney copied his work for Star Wars ads

It's pretty clear that whoever designed the four teaser posters for Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story, drew a great deal of inspiration from the 2015 album covers designed by Hachim Bahous for Sony Music France’s Legacy Recordings.

From Quartz:

Imitation is an inevitability, says graphic design historian Steven Heller. “If something is good, it will knocked off,” he says. “Look at I ❤ NY. Look at Coke and Pepsi. Look at the ripoffs around the world for Starbucks.”

Heller says there appears to be enough visual similarities between Balhous design and Disney’s posters to make it seem like a copy: the condensed fonts, the weathered, textured background, the color palette, and the photo treatment of characters from the movie displayed inside the letters.

But of course, Balhous isn't the first designer to fill letters with images. Quartz offers the following examples of prior art:

Saul Bass’s rejected poster for “The Shining” (1980); Philip Castle’s poster for “Clockwork Orange,” (1972); Saul Bass’s poster for “The Cardinal” (1963)

Bahous wants credit and compensation from Disney, but if he takes it to court it will be an uphill fight. From Quartz:

Designers need to satisfy two criteria to win a court case: They need to show “substantial similarities” (which Bahous arguably does in his Facebook post), and they need to prove that the designers had access to the original design work (in this case, his Sony CD covers). This could involve asking the Star Wars poster designers to show their inspiration boards or unpack their conceptual process at the trial.

Read the rest

Whirlwind video tour of five fabulous tiny houses

From treehouses to homes on wheels to tiny off-grid cottages, the folks at Living Big In A Tiny House count down their five favorite tiny home tours from last year. Read the rest

Tissue box covers styled like midcentury modern architecture

Palm Springs just wrapped up Modernism Week, an annual event that celebrates the midcentury modern aesthetic, and no doubt that these swanky tissue box covers were a big hit, even at $75/pop.

(If it's hip, it's here) Read the rest

Behold these remarkably delicate dandelion seed sculptures

Yusuke Aonuma created these amazing symmetrical sculptures by arranging dandelion achenes, the technical term for individual bits of wispy white dandelion fluff. Read the rest

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