Fresh Greens: Tandem Bike-Pedaling Robot, Crazy Building Grown from Trees, Peeing on Tomatoes and More!


This week's most wonderful posts from Treehugger:

5 Places Riding Your Bike is Banned or Illegal (You'll Be Surprised)
So many places exist in the world where it is actually illegal to ride a bike. Perhaps the funniest example is Baldwin Park, California, where it is prohibited to ride a bike in a swimming poo. The saddest is the injunction against Saudi Arabian women bikers: read on for wild and crazy rules, keeping bikers from their bikes.

Researchers Say 'Good To Pee On Tomato Plants' – Just Don't Let The Neighbors See
If you want bigger, better tomato plants with bigger, better tomatoes that are actually better for you, one option is to mix in some of your own pee. No, seriously. Research has proved it.

First Living Building Successfully 'Grown'
Living walls are great–they can reduce pollution, better insulate buildings, and lower the need for maintenance–but it's time to expand the concept. Introducing the 'living building', where trees are grown into the structure of a building and melded with cables and metal supports. Talk about 'green buildings!'

Joules, the Tandem Bike Robot that Pedals for You (Video)

If you have a tandem bike but no one to ride it with you, perhaps Joules could be your partner. He'll do all the pedaling!