Funny conversations between book dealer and customers

The BookMine, an old and rare book dealer, has been collecting funny conversations with customers and would-be customers. Here are a few:

(phone call)

Hello. I have some old books for sale.

What kind of books?

Old ones.

OK. What subject areas?

Where does it say that?

(grown-up, looks around)

Do you have any real books?


Well, not like the ones you have here. You know, real books!

I'm not sure what you mean.

You know, books that are real.

Sorry, none of our books are real!

(phone call)

I have some old books.

Really, so do I.

How much will you pay me for them?

Good question. What do you have?

I'm not sure.

Why don't you bring them by.

Drive all the way downtown?

That's usually the way it works.

You're kidding!

Not really.

How much do you pay for books?

Depends on what you have.

Are there any other bookstores in town?


What are their phone numbers?

Hang on, let me look them up for you.

(After being left on hold for 10 minutes, he finally hung up)

Funny conversations between book dealer and customers (via TYWKIWDBI)