Conan/Leno/NBC debacle animated by same Hong Kong news org that tackled Tiger Woods

Video above: The Leno/Conan/NBC cosmic clusterfrak, retold through the magic of animation by NMA News. That's the same Taiwanese Hong Kong-based news organization responsible for the Tiger Woods bad husband sexy mistress car crash masterpiece, and this fine followup. The magic happens around a minute in, when CoCo transforms into the Incredible Hulk, and Leno into Superman. If only this news org would offer an entire 24-hour channel of this stuff! I don't care that I can't understand the dialogue—all I need to know is in that sweet, sweet CGI.

YouTube video link: NMA 2010.01.19 Showdown at NBC 動新聞 美國深夜脫口秀大風吹. There's an English-language version, too, but somehow it's not nearly as funny as the Mandarin VO. (via David OReilly)