Butch cupcakes for men

NYC's Butch Bakery (founded by a lawyer) makes "manly cupcakes" like the B-52, shown here, "not a frilly pink-frosted sprinkles and unicorns kind of cupcake." These baked goods have become so popular that the company has suspended telephone orders.

Butch Bakery

(via Sociological Images)

Update: Pipenta's got my vote for comment of the year, for #20, below, which opens "Why stop here? They aren't even making the shift from red velvet to black leather cupcakes! These aren't nearly butch enough! What about shaving stubble cream filling? Pigskin, jockstrap, cigar butt cupcakes. At the very least, there should be a Guinness option, a beer belly cupcake. Wasabi might be too dainty, but kimchee and a hot chili icing option would be on the money." It gets ruder and better from there.