Demonstration against Digital Economy Bill tomorrow at Parliament, London

If you can make it to London and are worried that the Digital Economy Bill is ploughing ahead with a provision that will disconnect whole families from the Internet if one member is accused — without trial — of violating copyright, come along to the Open Rights Group "Stop Disconnection" demonstration tomorrow (Weds) afternoon at 1730h at Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey). Another event is planned for Sheffield.

Come along to the ORG demo on Wednesday, 24 March at 17:30, and protest against disconnection and censorship on the internet.

We'll provide placards, just bring some black tape for gagging or blindfolding yourself.

Disconnection is collective punishment. It is unacceptable. It is unfair and it is disproportionate.

The demo will be held at Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey)

Open Rights Group | Stop Disconnection without trial