Student programmers: Get paid to hack liberty-enhancing code with EFF this summer!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking for student programmers to do paid work on various liberty-enhancing technologies this summer, paid for by Google, through its excellent Summer of Code project. This summer, there's funding for programmers to work on TOR (The Onion Router — a system for evading censorwalls and enhancing online privacy by bouncing your traffic through several volunteers' computers), TOSBack (tracking changes to the terms of service of the Internet's most popular websites), OurVoteLive (tracking problems in elections with US polling places and voting machines) and Switzerland (a passive IP-layer network neutrality testing system).

Previous Summer of Code workers have had wonderful experiences working with EFF (as a former employee, I can testify to what a great workplace it is). Not only do you get to do paid, meaningful work, but you get to do it surrounded by some of the most astute, passionate and clever people in the technology world. For the right student, this is the chance of a lifetime.

Work With EFF and TOR for Google's Summer of Code