Correcting the ignorant UK Members of Parliament who "debated" the Digital Economy Bill

Stef sez, "As we all know, the UK Digital Economy Bill passed last night. Watching the debates, one of the things that shocked me was the repeated displays of ignorance of the technical and copyright issues by MPs on all sides.

The Second, and Third readings are now online at I thought it might be good to use the annotations features to correct some of the more glaring and bizarre howlers. The annotated debates will stand as a record of this sad democratic failure.

Remember to keep it polite and technical – MPs are professionally inured to plain abuse – We, the internet, clearly have a job of education to do."

Here's Mark Todd, Labour MP for South Derbyshire, explaining why you should have your Internet connection cut off without even a written notice:

Is my hon. Friend sure that a postal delivery will suffice? Many people may have chosen to form a contract with an ISP at some stage before moving, and may not have seen any particular reason to notify the ISP of a change of address.

Yes, the last time I moved, I simply had the movers run a private fiber loop from my old premises to the new place. It took most of the day and they had to dig up nearly all of central London, but it was lots easier, ultimately, than notifying my ISP of my change of address.