Superintendent of schools to NJ governor: spare education

David C Verducci, the Superintendent of Schools of Glen Rock, NJ, has sent a letter to state governor Chris Christie, asking him to spare education in the state's round of econopocalyptic cost-cutting, explaining in passionate and stirring language the need to commit to education even in bad times.

Make us -ALL of the stakeholders here- a partner in the process.

This first item is the most important of all. Please stop talking at us! Talk to us! We are not the enemy! Make us a partner in the endeavor to fix New Jersey. From the superintendent of schools to the part-time cafeteria worker, the overwhelming majority of us who spend our professional lives in the public schools are hard-working people who want to see children succeed. Building a coalition with the educational community for the betterment of the common good will not happen if you simply continue to dictate the terms of change. We have a lot of good ideas. We can help you accomplish your goals."

Open letter from Superintendent of Schools of Glen Rock, NJ to Gov. Christie (PDF)

(Thanks, Michael!)