Mars Attacks wall graphics in Boing Boing Bazaar

These fantastic Mars Attacks wall graphics are in the Makers Market / Boing Boing Bazaar. I have Card # 21 (Prize Captive) on my office wall now (child included for size reference). The graphics come in your choice of sizes ranging from 1-foot to 6-feet in length.

LTL PRINTS has been working with Topps for the last six months, and we have launched giant wall graphics featuring a number of their classic brands, including Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, and Hollywood Zombies, along with several collections of sportscard wrapper wall graphics (Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey, from the 1950s to the present). Our most recent wall graphics launch with Topps, Mars Attacks, is my personal favorite. Originally released in 1962, the Mars Attacks trading cards were drawn by renowned comic book artists Wally Wood and Bob Powell, and painted by legendary pulp artist Norman Saunders. Kids loved them, but the cards prompted parental concerns due to the sensational storyline and over-the-top graphics.

After LTL PRINTS had launched over 500 Wacky Packages wall graphics and received some pretty nice feedback from our customers, we asked Topps if there was any chance that we could launch the same sort of thing for Mars Attacks. They said YES, and went into their archives and re-scanned the master versions of each of the 55 cards in the original trading card series.

LTL PRINTS is currently working with artists, designers, and brands from around the world to bring their 'content' to empty walls globally, and over the last 6 months we have launched hundreds of premium wall graphic collections (e.g. Popeye, Betty Boop, Dilbert, Peanuts). We are working with digital designers like Susan Kare and Yiying Lu, legendary aerosol and street artists like Vulcan and Chor Boogie, and painters like Casey O'Connell. Next week, LTL PRINTS launches a new KIDS WALL GRAPHICS catalog that features giant wall art from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, giant dinosaurs from the Natural History Musuem, panoramic wall murals of animals in the wild, and Paddington Bear. And our next major consumer launches include Marilyn Monroe and Star Trek wall graphic collections. Simply: LTL PRINTS is working to create a new medium for creative expression. Our goal is to bring amazing content to empty walls around the world.

If you want a giant vinyl sticker of a football helmet, big clip-art flowers, or almost-lifesize cutouts of the latest boy band, there are loads of companies out there offering these sorts of wall graphics. And they are selling tens of millions of dollars worth of these big vinyl stickers each year. LTL PRINTS is taking a slightly different approach. Rather than using vinyl, we are printing on a premium material that is called 'self-adhesive repositionable fabric paper', and will stick to almost any surface (walls, windows, even ceilings), and can be removed and re-hung 100 times without leaving a mark or damaging your walls. By combining this new material and production with the worlds greatest content, we are attempting to literally create a new medium for creative expression.

Mars Attacks graphics in Boing Boing Bazaar