Nerd Merit Badge for Foursquare Douchebags


My pal, John Young of Nerd Merit Badges says:

As you may know, at Nerd Merit badges, we do not believe in half-assing our goofy projects. If we are going to jump the shark, by God that shark is going to stay JUMPED.

That's why, when we just released our version of the famous, semi-controversial Foursquare "Douchebag" badge, we decided to spray each badge with a mixture of "that Abercrombie store smell" (Yahoo! Answers told us it is their "Fierce" cologne), and herbal frat-liquer Jägermeister, mixed together and delivered through a bernoulli spray nozzle: the "douchenozzle".

This Abercrombie-and-Jäger mix is strong, mutagenic stuff. You can see that not even our industrial-welding respirator could keep our programmer friend Chris Conley from getting a whiff and undergoing a sudden, tragic transformation.

(And no, we are not kidding — each douchebadge we ship really *is* sprayed with this stuff! Our office REEKS right now.)

Foursquare Badge: Douchebadge "Double pop that collar, son!"