Music industry lobbyist calls for death penalty for piracy

Here's Fran Nevrkla, Chairman and CEO of Phonographic Performance Ltd, a UK music industry association, addressing the group's AGM. Some choice morsels:

Thank you, David, and thank you for putting some of those pirates behind bars. I know that
regrettably capital punishment was abolished in this country some 50 years ago, sad it is, but
a few years in jail is probably pretty OK…

To the industry I would say, we would be well advised to delete two or three words from our
vocabulary entirely and they are 'promotion' and 'promotional value'. There is no such thing
in the 21st Century. There is usage, there are benefits, hopefully often, if not always to both
sides but there is no favour in it and no indulgence and no promotion.

PPL AGM 2010: Fran Nevrkla's Address