Get Zach Gage's 8-bit iPhone dodger Bit Pilot for free

NYC artist Zach Gage should already be a familiar name both for his accidentally-controversial art/game Lose/Lose (the Space Invaders-alike that deleted a file from your hard drive on every successful kill) and, more recently, Sonic Wire SculptorAmit Pitaru's generative sound app which Gage helped bring to the iPhone.

As I mentioned in the writeup of the latter, Gage has been quietly released a steady stream of stylishly low-bit apps for the iPhone, among them block-puzzler Unify, audio toy synthPond and Bit Pilot, an 8-bit asteroid dodger with sound design by chiptune artist Sabrepulse.

If you've been waiting for a good excuse to experience what Gage is all about, your chance has now arrived, as Bit Pilot's been set as a free download for today only — grab it on iTunes here for one of the best tastes of his signature game design aesthetic before the deadline ends.

Bit Pilot [Zach Gage, iTunes link]