Fred the Raver: videos of toddler jamming hard to dubstep/jungle/drum and bass beats

YouTube uploader Orbojunglist, who is associated with Dub Foundation, regularly uploads short videos of his son Fred grooving out hard to dubstep/drum-n-bass/junglist beats. Above, my favorite of all the uploads so far.

Fred's dad explains:

Not to worry, the music was not too loud. I have superimposed a small fraction of the original audio back into the file—the car isnt fitted with any big audio systems or anything. Also, the term 'raver' is used lightly, because of the way he is dancing, and does not mean we are pushing him into any walk of life. (...) Some [YouTube commenters are] saying he's, not dancing he's having a seizure? (...) This is how he dances all the time to this music.

Spotted on Dangerous Minds, where they've just blogged a newer Fred The Raver episode with all-new toddler headbanging. I can't get enough of this li'l guy.

[Thanks, Tara and Richard!]