Shiner's Glimpses back in print, free download: brilliant, haunted rock-n-roll novel

Wonderful news: Lewis Shiner's classic, World Fantasy Award-wining novel Glimpses is back in print for the first time since 2001, and Lew has released it as a a free PDF download to commemorate the re-release. The new edition is handsome and beautifully typeset.

Glimpses is one of my favorite novels of all time; a haunting and sweet story about an alienated, lonely stereo repairman who discovers that he can slip into parallel dimensions in which the great, never-recorded rock albums (lost Beatles, Beach Boys, Hendrix, etc) may yet be made, and can bring recordings of the music back on his reel-to-reel. It's a rare novel that can capture the raw energy of rock and roll, but Glimpses has this and a tense, thrilling story besides.

The free download is part of a larger project that Shiner calls The Fiction Liberation Front, through which he is gradually releasing his entire backlist. The reprint is from Subterranean Press, who have also just brought back Lew's debut novel Frontera, as well as much of Lew's earlier titles.