Lewis Shiner putting his novels online for free

Lewis Shiner is one of my favorite science fiction writers and last summer he began making all of his (fantastic!) old short stories available as free, Creative Commons licensed files on his site, under the banner of the "Fiction Liberation Front." Now he's expanded the program.

Lewis sez, "I've just expanded the range of Fiction Liberation Front to include free downloads of my novels, and I've kicked things off with my brand new thriller, BLACK & WHITE. My publisher, Subterranean, is fully supporting this move, and as we bring my other novels back into print we plan to release free PDF versions on the FLF site as well."

I can't wait for him to post his World Fantasy Award-winning novel Glimpses, which is one of my favorite novels of all time, a real desert-island book. Link See also: Lewis Shiner's short fiction online for free


  1. I just want to say that I recently read Shiner’s Glimpses, years after its original publication, and I was completely knocked over by it. And I generally hate Boomer rock nostalgia in science fiction. This wasn’t nostalgia; it was scary and real.

  2. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve re-read Glimpses. Such a great book, and I don’t even like the Beach Boys. :)

  3. One would almost think Shiner had never written anything other than Glimpses — which of course he has. But, you know, even if he hadn’t, he’d still be remembered as a writer of rare genius. Damn close to a perfect novel….

  4. I’m a hundred pages into Black and White and loving it.

    As an aside, I sent a link to Little Brother to a friend at work, and rather than read the whole thing on his computer screen, he went right out and bought it. My friend probably would never have heard of it otherwise, and now I feel less guilty about having enjoyed the whole thing online without paying for it.

  5. I was absolutely captivated by Black and White. This was the first time I read anything written by Shiner, but it won’t be the last.

  6. good on ya Lewis!

    let me add to love of Glimpses, which i’ve forced many to read.

    let’s not forget he also co-authored Mozart In Mirrorshades with Chairman Bruce.. any chance that’ll go up on the site too?!

  7. Glimpses does, indeed, rock. But I’d be willing to put Slam up there as a close second. Hell, I have all of his novels (but hadn’t heard about Black & White until this post… off to order it now.)

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