Quadron: "Slippin," dir. Walter Robot (music video)

I love this music video by Walter Robot for the song "Slippin" by Quadron, a band out of Denmark.

In fact, I love the video so much, we've arranged with the directors to feature it on Boing Boing Video's in-flight channel on Virgin America airlines. It's such a feelgood tune, and a fun contrast with the creepy-weird vibe of the visual treatment by Walter Robot co-directors Christopher Louie and Bill Barminski. Stay with it, there's a fun surprise toward the end of the video.

This track appears on Quadron's self-titled 2010 album. The video's been out for some weeks, and I'm admittedly a little late blogging it. But in hopes that it's new for some of you, I thought I'd go ahead and share today. Enjoy!

(CREDITS: Quadron, "Slipping." Directed by: Walter Robot. Actor: Dennis Louie. DP: Patrick Meade Jones. Producer: Mt. Vernon Entertainment. Label: Plug Research.)