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This one's sure to ruffle a few feathers: Science Tarot aims to use the magickal mystery deck as a platform for illuminating real scientific concepts. The face cards profile different scientists and link them to specific neurotransmitters. According to the site, "Science Tarot is a group project, an exciting collaboration of professional talent including post-doc scientists, experienced tarot readers, graphic designers and published artists. We are united by our desire to explore and create at the intersection of science and art." From the description of the 7 of Wands – Expansion (seen above left):

The red giant is at a great, expansive stage of the star's life and has grown to thousands of times its original size. Inner creation defines this moment in your life story as well.

The shell around the giant's collapsing core becomes hotter and starts fusing its hydrogen into helium, making the star brighter and the outer shells expand and grow cooler and less dense. Although fiery pressures mark the beginning of your journey, these expansive later years allow creation with a wider reach and a dense inner core.

We speak of "finding your voice" to describe this mature state. Other duties and diversions may fall by the wayside as work consumes the days filled with creation and productivity.

Hero's Journey, Step 7: Return with new knowledge into everyday life. The hero reveals a deeper determination.

Science Tarot Cards (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)