Free Culture Forum: Oct 28-31, Barcelona

Simona Levi sez,

The FCForum (Oct 28-31, Barcelona) is an international arena in which to build and coordinate
action around issues related to free/libre culture and access to
knowledge. The FCForum brings together key organizations and active
voices in the spheres of free/libre culture and knowledge, and provides
a meeting point where we can find answers to the pressing questions
behind the current paradigm shift. Against the powerful lobbies of the
copyright industries, the FCForum is a space for the construction of
proposals arising from civil society in order to strengthen citizen's
positions in the debate around the creation and distribution of art,
culture and knowledge in the digital era.

The FCForum, which takes place in tandem with the 3rd oXcars Festival– /the biggest free/libre culture event
of all time (a three-day event of international scope in which
to organize strategies that encompass different solutions and proposals
from around the world, so that they add up and complement each other). It
aims to build a shared response to the asymmetrical pressure exerted on
governments by the lobbies of a particular sector of the industry. In
2010, a key moment in this historical struggle, it is crucial that there
be a discussion based on how to defend and generate new economic models
that emerge in the digital era. This will be the main topic of the 2010

FC Forum 2010

(Thanks, Simona!)