Crap Hound #5 Kickstarter project: "Hands, Hearts & Eyes (3rd ed.)"

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy sez, "Help us Kickstart Crap Hound #5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes (3rd ed.) into existence! Crap Hound is an astounding compendium of line art collected from various vintage and obscure sources, artfully arranged around a variety of themes. A great resource for artists, crafters, and designers, Hands, Hearts & Eyes is our most coveted issue yet! This time around in addition to the zine, we're offering the 1st ever Crap Hound t-shirt, three brand new prints, a bonus digital package and more as rewards for your support."

Crap Hound No. 5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes, 3rd Edition!

(Thanks, Chloe, via Submitterator!)