CRAP HOUND clipart zine #7: Church and State

Issue 7 of Sean Tejaratchi's seminal clip-art zine CRAP HOUND is just about to hit the stands, thanks to the good folks at Portland's Reading Frenzy, a zine store par excellance. CRAP HOUND plunders its graphics from hundreds of sources and then features them in gorgeous, endlessly fascinating mosaics and layouts. Issue 7's theme is CHURCH AND STATE, and judging by the cover, it looks like a doozy.

Crap Hound #7: Church & State, 96 pgs., 2 color cover, b/w interior, offset printed, suggested retail price of $12. This is the first all new issue of Crap Hound in 9 years! A pure but lucky coincidence makes this issue particularly apropos, as we're in an election year with a candidate declaring his intention to rewrite the constitution according to "God's standards"!

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  1. The Very creative staff of BoingBoing might want to consider doing a group collage. Perhaps with a sf theme. As long as they have an audience why not? And it could be sold as a limited edition, signed print on good paper. The first Boing Boing Collabrotive Collage. And if the staff so desired, a percentage of collage proceeds could go to a worthy cause.

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