Binishells domed structures

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Above is an architectural model of the Happy Mutant Retreat and Preschool we are currently building at an undisclosed location. Once the dome is in place to fend off the gamma rays, we will begin construction in earnest. The structures are called Binishells. Mike Mechanic says:

This is my old friend Nic Bini's company… His dad, Dante Bini, invented them as an architecture graduate student in Italy. As I recall, he had to borrow money from his aunt in order to prove the basic concept, which is that you sandwich wet concrete between layers of a neoprene-like material and pump the whole thing up with air to create these domes, which have been used to build homes, and malls and swimming pools in Australia… Binishell lay fallow for many years before Nic revived it in recent years, realizing the green potential–the building sector, as you may know, is a huge greenhouse-gas emitter, and these things are relatively low impact (plus you can put lawns on their roofs, apparently.) Anyway, Nic has big dreams these days – LEED-certified eco-resorts, futuristic condos…airport terminals!?