Update: Following Egypt events live on Twitter, video, liveblogs

[Video Link] Waseem Wagdi, an Egyptian living in London talks about recent events in Egypt during a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy, London.

A reminder of online resources for Boing Boing readers who are following the significant and fast-moving events in Egypt today. I'm keeping several browser tabs open for these three liveblogs: The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, and New York Times.

Here are three helpful Twitter lists, some of which focus on people reporting on the ground in Egypt, others also include smart analytical voices currently based elsewhere: New York Times, NPR, and Washington Post.

Al Jazeera English is kicking all other US-language TV news networks' asses on coverage of this event. AJE is not available on most US cable networks, but you can ask your provider to carry it here. The network's bureau in Cairo was shut down earlier today, but their coverage of Egypt events continues. You can watch the Al Jazeera live stream online, though I've found that to be very unstable and crashy, especially during peak traffic moments. I'm hearing good things about this Livestation mobile app. AJE's YouTube channel is here, frequently updated.

"55% of our Al Jazeera English web traffic is from the US and Canada tonight," says Al Jazeera's Mohamed Nanabhay just now.

Additional resources welcome in the comments.