Music video with simulated special effects

[Video Link] Ayahiko Sato, a member of visual design unit in Japan called rakudasan wrote to me about this cool music video they directed for a 16-piece band called Gaka. The song is called Tsuchinoko.

She said: "Now, as you know we are in critical situation by earthquake. However we think
that what we can do is to get more attention for Japan and Japanese creativity.
We need positive news to get energetic power, because we are showered with
negative news."

This music video is called pantomime music video created with a help of
performer called maimuima.

Theme of this song is man powered techno music, so we decided to use pantomime
to depict fun of man powered expression.

We shot with a fixed camera and angle.
Performer themselves' movement change angles, speed and distance.
Without using wire and CG, we succeeded shooting action scenes.

About rakudasan: We do VJ in an unique style called Surrealistic Synchronization.
It is the style that we select unrelated movie with music, but this makes unique
and unusual togetherness and atmosphere in clubs.

Gaka's jam music and pantomime are not related, but we combined them to create
this music video. This is our style.