Scratch-built Muppet Theatre: obsessive toy collecting at its finest and most creative!

Lance Cardinal avidly collected the Palisades Muppet toys right up to the point that the line was cancelled. Bitterly disappointed that the promised Muppet Theatre Backstage Playset never shipped, he made his own from scratch, an insanely detailed project with footlights, working drapes, rigging and trapdoors, and a variety of backdrops lovingly recreated from their show equivalents.

The most disappointing loss was the Muppet Theatre Backstage Playset. This would have held all the playsets inside of it, and created a place to display the characters in their natural environment. Im sure Palisades would have done an amazing job…but I think I have done them justice. I have tried to capture the essence of the Palisades brand, including aesthetics, attention to detail and interactive fun!

Scratch Built Palisades Muppet Theatre Playset

(Thanks, Lance, via Submitterator!)