Muppets singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Epic, genius, perfect. Video in glorious 1080p (select HD button on embed above for full glory).

Music: the original's here. Video: the original's here. (via Tim Shey, and Happy Birthday Tim!).


  1. ‘…thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening-MAGNIFICAT, MAGNIFICO!!!’


    our future past built by muppets, muppets rule, just don’t make them anime and marry them…okay marry what you love then. are muppets shinto animism?

  2. Xeni,

    Our language does not adequately convey the sheer awesome of that clip, nor does it allow me to properly express my gratitude at seeing it.

    I simply say “BLAHSHBSHAWESUM!” and tip my hat to you.

  3. this makes me so happy. one of the people who worked on this is someone i have known since we were 4 years old. if i had a time machine i’d totally go back and tell him that he got to grow up to do the best job ever, spreading muppet joy!


    Best BB post this year, if not multiple years.

    I swear, my blog is nothing but BB meme spreading.

  5. Who is making these videos? This is clearly new, post Jim Henson. I know Disney bought the Muppets in 2004, which worried me. But if they continue to produce cool material like this, I guess I might temporarily put aside my disdain for Disney.

  6. It’s become a cliche to fling around the following phrase at every vaguely nifty/funny/interesting thing that comes around, but I say it with all honesty this time:


  7. Right now my coworkers are staring at me and moving in the general direction of away. They tend to do that when I giggle uncontrollably. I shall carry this awesomeness with me all the rest of this dreary day. (Mama…. Mama! Mamamamamamama! Mama… Dada?)

  8. Ditto… I’m grinn’en’ from ear to ear! :-)

    capcha: “copes tyrannically”… given the song, somehow seems appropriate in a twisted kinda way… ;-)

  9. I didn’t realize Janice is the guitarist and Sgt. Floyd Pepper played bass. Thought it was the other way around.

    1. All members of the Electric Mayhem are mult-talented. Even animal but he tends to eat other instruments so they leave him on the drums.

  10. Hey, how come my “I thought it was rubbish” comment got deleted? It was in reference to the typical comments the Muppet judge guys make at the end of a performance.

    BoingBoing has just made me sad :(

    1. Hey, how come my “I thought it was rubbish” comment got deleted?

      Your last comment was in April.

  11. wow, some of the greatest memories of my childhood remixed to, well… to bohemian rhapsody…umm. uh..what can you say about that…other than…party. Bonus!

  12. Your last comment was in April.
    I posted anonymously because I had forgotten my password and so sent myself a password reset when I saw it hadn’t appeared. I see other Anonymouseses made it through though.

  13. Here in the underground lair, I see a big scrollable wall of commentoplasm. It has no context unless I research it. And the glare from the shark tank doesn’t help.

  14. A. That blew my mind.
    B. That was from the original Muppet show? At the end, it shows Kermit in front of a very modern PC. And of course the original Muppet show was from 1976-1979.

  15. You know, I think I remember a “Bohemian Rhapsody” sketch from the classic Muppet Show from ages ago. This seems like an all-new version, but is it? Am I having a false memory?

  16. Interesting and fun. However, there were no references to murder and execution in this version. As fun as it was, had they played this on the original Muppet Show when I was a child, I would have been confused and wouldn’t have liked it. Sanitizing this song just seems wrong to me. But I loved Kermit’s comment at the end.

  17. A wonderful clip, and satire of the original Queen video.

    The sequence of “Animal” singing/screaming “Mama! Mama?…” is Perfect.

    Thanks for posting it, Xeni.

    Good to see you on Rachel’s show, too.

  18. they did resurrect the muppet show back in the mid nineties. they called it muppets tonight. it lasted two seasons and won two primetime emmys. based on the configuration of the computer at the end of the skit, ill bet this is from an episode of that show.

  19. I LOVE the Muppets. That’s why I hate this video. Bad puppets, bat voices, bad timing. I hope it’s not official/original Muppets but someone’s excelent home made video. I mean, look at Gonzo’s nose – you can see the badly colored yellow sponge…

    1. I disagree with you, but about Gonzo’s nose, that’s the problem with this HD era. Some thing were not meant to be filmed in HD, and Gonzo’s nose is one of them.
      This is the real deal, though.
      I loved it! HD and all! It was perfectly made!

  20. very funny and exciting. I adore the muppets–that’s why i liked this vid. it is thanksgiving–a good wake-up call from the muppets!

  21. Great , great , great………..

    This is soooo fantastic ………..

    In german i wouldnt say :

    “Ich schmeiß mich weg” =))
    (i lose my contenence)


  22. Tell Mark F about ukulele freaks the Be Arthurs playing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Unless they’re not girly enough!

  23. Absolute class, thought lost kermit, but got him at the end. Somes up technology issues today. Nothing wrong with this, more power to Muppets.

  24. Greatest representation of the Muppets’ musical talent I’ve seen for a long time! It’s great; why was it on the “back burner” for so long? Loved it!

  25. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Publishing Scandinavia AB.”


  26. I love The Muppets and I love Queen. Put them together and you have utter Brilliance. Freddie and Jim…May God rest your souls – thank you for giving us your love and entertainment that we can enjoy until the end of time.

  27. alas! there is a word to describe this movie in our language….scrumtulescant…..and it translates into GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY THAT WAS PURE FREAKING AMAZING-AWESOME SAUCE!

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