Five classic science fiction books with new 3-D covers


Vintage Classics has just published a series of classic science fiction novels with newly commissioned 3-D covers. They are available in the UK, and can be ordered internationally from Amazon's UK site.

I asked Suzanne Dean, the designer of the series to tell me a bit about the covers. she said:

All the illustrations are commissioned. We briefed each illustrator in
exactly the same way, giving them the information they needed to know how to
create a 3-D cover image.

We asked them to think about the colours that don't react when putting on
the 3-D specs — Black and yellow. The image would come towards the viewer
or move away from the viewer, depending on whether you placed the red tone
to the right or left of the blue tone.

The illustrators had to think about the image, and how it would look to the
customer in the shop without them wearing the 3-D glasses, in other words
where they would use the yellow and black to produce an attractive image in

Each paperback comes with a set of 3-D glasses.

Planet of the Apes, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea The Lost World, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales