Retroreflective streetwear

Alex sez, "I'm a grad student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

For my wearable technology course, I developed streetwear made with retroreflective elements. Myself and many of my classmates are cyclists, and everyone wanted one. So, I put it on Kickstarter."

The great thing about We Flashy items is that it reflects light on busy streets, but is barely noticed in normal indoor environments. It's versatile enough to wear to school, work, or out for a drink.

We Flashy uses industrial-grade reflective material–the same kind that crossing guards, police, and firefighters use. If lit by a light source such as headlights, the reflective material returns the light back to its original source, reaching the motorist's eye.

It also sends light directly back to a camera during flash photography, causing the garment to glow in photographs, making for stunning nightlife pictures.

We Flashy: Reflective Clothing For Modern Times

(Thanks, Alex)