Trailer for Zero Charisma – a movie about D&D players

[Video Link] Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews raised over $15k in preproduction costs on Indiegogo for their movie about Dungeons and Dragon players, called Zero Charisma. The trailer is funny!

The Story:

Scott Weidemeier spends his time in exactly three ways: working a menial job at a local donut shop, caring for his abusive grandmother, and running The Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Game of All Time. Though overbearing and short-tempered, Scott is a hero to his fellow players–that is, until neo-nerd hipster Miles Butler joins the game, fueling Scott's rampant insecurity and alienating him from his own players. Can Scott overcome his contempt for the mainstreaming of nerdery, or will this clash of the subcultures come to a head?

Why We're Doing It:

The video you can see above is a teaser trailer specifically made to launch our IndieGoGo campaign, that we think shows the rough story and feel of our vision. Though the topics of gaming and nerd culture are close to our hearts, our real passion for this story lies in the main character. Over the last year, we have taken great care to write someone who is neither your typical leading man, nor the archetypal nerd who exists only for laughs. And that's the challenge we are excited to take up: evoking a range of emotions from the audience–from revulsion to delight to fear to sympathy–for the most unlikely of characters.

Zero Charisma: An indie comedy about the greatest Dungeon Master ever