"Marijuana": A 1968 government film starring a spaced-out Sonny Bono

Richard Metzger says: "Sonny Bono seems more than a little stoned in this US government anti-marijuana film from 1968. It includes an hilarious final piece to camera (which looks edited to best comic effect) where Bono trips over his words, as he tells the audience."

Well now, you've heard from both sides of the question, but what you do with your life is up to you.

If you become a pothead you risk blowing the most important time of your life: your teen age. That unrepeatable time for you to grow up and to prepare for being an adult that can handle problems, and make something meaningful out of life.

Or, you have the choice to have the courage to see and deal with the world for what it really is – far, far from perfect but for you and for me the only one there is.

While it's true that some of you will actually go to the moon and perhaps other planets, it's also true that in a few short years, this world will be your establishment, and you will be the Establishment and what you do or don't do about it will be your scene. Your the generation with the brain power and the opportunity to do more for the human needs of this world than any other generation in history.

Let's hope your teenage children don't have too much criticism of what you did or didn't do because you were on pot."

Corniness aside, this seems like a fairly well-balanced and enlightening film about drug use.

"Marijuana": A 1968 government film starring a spaced-out Sonny Bono