MagicJack owner follows up his dumb lawsuit against Boing Boing with a dumb lawsuit against Women's Professional Soccer

Ever wonder what became of Dan Borislow, owner of MagicJack, who sued us unsuccessfully when we pointed out the insane terms of service accompanying his flagship product? Me neither. Turns out that he's still being, um, flamboyant. Saul sez, "Borislow is now bringing his special kind of havoc to Women's Professional Soccer. Last season was hard for WPS, teams folded, and they seemed desperate for owners who had financial stability. Borislow bought the majority interest in the Washington Freedom, moved them to Florida, and then started to flout league rules. He's been fined, his team has had a point deducted from the standing, he made himself coach, and had his players (including Women's World Cup heroes Abby Wambach and Hope Solo) file a grievance against him. He's now apparently filed suit to keep the league, which is feeling stronger because of the popularity of the World Cup, from terminating his franchise. The press release from the league, which is what the link points to, has to be one of the most extraordinary documents produced by a professional sports league against one of its owners."

Mr. Borislow has failed to honor his commitments to the detriment of the League, our players and our partners. From unprofessional and disparaging treatment of his players to failure to pay his bills, Mr. Borislow's actions have been calculated to tarnish the reputation of the League and damage the League's business relationships. Now, Mr. Borislow has filed a baseless legal action against WPS. The League is not intimidated by Mr. Borislow's unfounded claims and will not tolerate his mistreatment of players and flouting of the rules…

"It is disappointing that rather than run a professional organization and partner with his fellow owners, Mr. Borislow has chosen to threaten the League by filing this action," said WPS Board Chairman and Atlanta Beat Owner, T. Fitz Johnson. "All of us at WPS are involved in this business because we love the sport, we are committed to our incredible athletes and fans, and we know that there is a permanent place in sports for the women's professional game."


(Thanks, Saul!)