Scientology memo asks members to censor critical web comments with trumped up "code of conduct" complaints

An internal memo from Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs" (notorious for being a dirty tricks bureau) asks adherents to the faith to find message-board comments on stories about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's divorce that criticize the church and try to have them censored by complaining about violations of online services' "codes of conduct," which typically prohibit "inciting religious hatred."

Well, I am not somebody that I am going to simply stand and watch a
bunch of uninformed people putting my religion under the carpet. So
here is a simple hatting on how you can causative fight back and at
the same time stand up and defend our religion on the internet.

Microsoft or Google or any of these big online company require that
each person when create an account with them follow a Code of
Conduct when they are on the internet. If there are abuse of such
Code of Conduct, those website do actually invite you to report the
matter to the Moderator — in other word, write the matter to

Blogger: Scientology group asks followers to censor Web comments

(Thanks, Marilyn!)