This Day in Blogging History: Victorian sewer-scroungers; Stross's Saturn's Children, Emailing ourselves to death

One year ago today

Sewer hunters of Victorian London: who traveled the tunnels and sieved the waste for bones, metal, coins, cutlery, or other valuable goods, all the while avoiding the supernatural "Queen Rat" and "race of wild hogs" (predating NYC's alligators!) that roamed the shafts, according to other historians.

Five years ago today

Stross's new novel: Saturn's Children, a late Heinlein homage: , Charlie's written a novel in the style of the late, indulgent, sex-saturated Heinlein, from the period before a cutting-edge surgery fixed a problem with the blood-supply to his brain.

Ten years ago today
Emailing Ourselves to Death: The experts cited in this piece seem to be arguing "That danged Internet is so slippery and fluid, it's taken away peoples' ability to watch television."