This Day in Blogging History: Good people v bad people; Janes in Love; Friendster spider

One year ago today

How to Tell Good People from Bad People: The advice in the book is good, but even as a callow youth I thought there was something bogus about the illustrations of "good people" vs "bad people."

Five years ago today

Janes in Love: graphic novel is a call-to-art for young people: The P.L.A.I.N. Janes are an arts collective made up of high-school girls all named Jane, who stage daring, commando-style public art projects in the dead of night, transforming their tight-ass suburb into an outdoor art gallery. They're not just in it for the hell of it, either: their little suburb was the site of a terrorist scare and bombing that has everyone on edge and baying for authority.

Ten years ago today
Friendster spider: Ben Discoe has created a system to "spider" and build diagrams of the results. His website points to source code and binaries, so you can dink around with it yourself.