This Day in Blogging History: Cartoon history of economics; Nested Klein bottles; Drawing Mickey from memory

One year ago today

Economix: terrific cartoon history of economics: ld as a history, it ties important world events (wars, revolutions, technological progress, resource depletion, pollution, etc.) to their economic consequences, and it explains the far-reaching (and often unintended effects) of economic policy decisions on people and the planet. Dan E. Burr's appealing illustrations add punch, humor, and clarity to Goodwin's already-excellent storytelling skills.

Five years ago today

Trio of nested Klein bottles: One of a series of glass Klein bottles made by Alan Bennett in Bedford, United Kingdom for the Science Museum, London. It consists of three Klein bottles, one inside another.

Ten years ago today

Drawing Mickey Mouse from memory: We can all picture what Mickey Mouse or the Pink Panther look like in our minds, but getting that image down on paper is another matter!