This Day in Blogging History: Sandy Profiteers; Coop's Mexico photos; EFF sues Diebold

One year ago today

Energy emergency: Sandy profiteers sell gas, generators at predatory prices on post-apocalypse Craigslist: Gas sales I've found on Craigslist range from $5 to $20 a gallon, but there are probably ads at higher prices. My favorite was the 55-gallon drum of gas for a thousand bucks. Unleaded! Cash only, folks.

Five years ago today

Coop's photos of Mexico: Our pal Coop is in the La Carrera Panamericana 2008 car race, and has been taking wonderful photos along the way.

Ten years ago today
EFF sues Diebold! EFF is suing Diebold on behalf of the Online Policy Group, who are being threatened with a bogus copyright action in retaliation for linking to a website that describes the technical failings of Diebold's voting machines.