This Day in Blogging History: GA GOP lawmaker reveals Obama mind-control plot; Fire in a taxidermist's; Fix Trusted Computing with Owner Override

One year ago today

Top Georgia GOP lawmakers host briefing on secret Obama mind-control plot: Our friends in the Tea Party have revealed President Obama's sinister plan for a "United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities."

Five years ago today

When a Fire Hits the Taxidermist: "From Ashes, Reviving a Place of Wild Dreams" is the story of Deyrolle, a 177-year-old store once populated by stuffed zebras, bull heads, and preserved butterflies. When Deyrolle caught fire earlier this year, destroying much of its taxidermied contents, Parisians stepped in to help.

Ten years ago today
Owner Override: a proposal to fix Trusted Computing: Seth Schoen has written an audacious article for Linux Journal in which he calls on the architects of "Trusted Computing" [TCPA|TCG|Palladium|NGSCB] systems — which ostensibly solve some of the Internet's security problems by adding cryptographicallly secured tamper-detection to the hardware of the commodity PC — to add a feature that he calls "Owner Override."