This Day in Blogging History: Record industry spokesjerk explains suing Pirate Party leaders; Build a Linux supercomputer out of PS3s; Everyday fashions from Sears catalogs

One year ago today

UK record industry spokesman wants you to know why his employers are going after Pirate Party execs personally: Adam Liversage, BPI Director of Communications, wants you to know that his employers had no choice but to threaten the personal finances of Pirate Party officers.

Five years ago today

HOWTO build a Linux-based supercomputer out of Playstation 3s: Scientists at the Cluster Workshop formed a supercomputer out of PlayStation 3's last year.

Ten years ago today

Everyday Fashion as Pictured in Sears Catalogs: "Everyday Fashion as Pictured in Sears Catalogs" series, covering
kids' fashions from 1900-1950,


the forties,

the fifties and

the sixties.