This Day in Blogging History: Cryptofloricon; Maker's Notebook Hacks; Worst ToS

One year ago today

Cryptofloricon: say (whatever) with flowers! Inspired by traditional Victorian floriography, writer and artist Ed Saperia developed a series of over 200 "flower codes", allowing you to express anything from a simple romantic gesture ("I adore you") to a loaded question ("Someone else?") or even an insult ("Creep!") using nothing but a few common flowers.

Five years ago today

Maker's Notebook Hacks: One of the things we wanted to do with The Maker's Notebook was design in hackability. We wanted the book to beg to be customized, extended, repurposed.

Ten years ago today
Worst ToS on the entire Internet: The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has 21,000 words of legalese on its homepage, a disclaimer and terms-of-service document that is likely the very worst of its kind on the entire Internet.