This Day in Blogging History: Genderbent Slave Leia; NZ Netizens go dark in protest of 3 strikes rule; Dmitry Sklyarov's DRM-cracking book

One year ago today

Slave Leo, A Genderbent Slave Leia Costume: Hobbyist armorsmith Ryan spent the winter creating a version of the iconic "Slave Leia" costume fit for a man.

Five years ago today

New Zealand netizens go black in protest of new "no-proof" copyright law that cuts off your Internet on accusation: An amendment to the Copyright Act that required ISPs to have a policy to disconnect users after repeated accusations of infringement, over the objections of technologists. While it's possible to have a policy that requires proof rather than accusation.

Ten years ago today

Dmitry has a book out! Dmitry Sklyarov became the first martyr of the DMCA's Dark Age when he was arrested by federal agents for speaking at a conference about eBook security in 2001. He has since written 'Hidden Keys to Software Break-ins and Unauthorized Entry.'